Thursday, November 1, 2012

Run Happy Thursdays Challenge

This first Thursday session of the Run Happy Weekdays runs saw a good turnout of more than 40 runners, quite a number joining in the run for the very first time.  The run which used to be on Fridays have now moved to Thursdays weekly, allowing more to be able to tap on the 5km and 8km fixed route tempo run challenges - from the serious runners looking for training tempos to the more casual, beginner runners looking for a stress-relieving workout alongside the scenic Riverside and Esplanade backdrop.

Runners came as early as 6:15pm to Marina Square to register and drop off their bags, before moving across to the start point @ Floating Platform in waves.  Warm-up was conducted by the ever energetic YN at 6:50pm when wave 2 arrived.  Some of the regular running groups around the area were pleased to see us bring this run to Thursdays - looked like more might be interested to join in when they can.  

The run was flagged off promptly at 7:00pm with both the 5km and 8km runners taking the initial similar routes with their respective pace leaders.  As many were still not familiar with the routes, they adopted a more cautious pace while at the same time identifying the turning points and directions.  There were lots of chit-chats and encouragement going around, just like what we are used to in the other FatBird group runs.

The front groups were having a field night with solid paces while the mid-pack settled into their comfortable TempoBird paces while conserving some to sustain the mainly 8km distances most were doing.  The 5km runners also had a good run at their comfortable speed with a few others joining in as recovery from their weekend of long runs.

The cool-down static stretches and planks were always a welcomed feature of this run, with many curious onlookers snapping pics and watching with interest.  The entire session ended by 8:00pm with electrolyte drinks served back at Marina Square concourse, followed by 'makan' session at the Marina Square foodcourt.  

The whole group occupied about 5 tables, at what was by now a cozy corner for our Run Happy group...courtesy of Joyce, we had cut guava and orange peels for dessert.  Even some who did not run came down to join in the dinner session.  Overall a very good start to this Thursday Run Happy session, with many vowing to be regular at the run.  Don't Worry, Run Happy!