Friday, September 28, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival delight

Photos & Videos from Kim Lai, Ivan, Joyce, Tejinda, Tommy

After the 1 week's F1 recess, the Brooks Run Happies got together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival though the lighted Gardens.  Many first-timers joined in this special weekday run, with a number specifically coming down just to bring moon cakes, lanterns and fireworks for the celebrations...the Run Happies were so touched.

To get into the festive mood, there was nothing like adding touches of 'Gangnam' and "Brooksnam' styles to our almost dance-like stretches led by YN.  As we pranced and ran along with our lanterns, the group did attract some attention from the Friday party crowd with friendly smiles and waves.

For many of the runners, there was nothing like experiencing the Gardens By The Bay at night carrying lanterns and making merry and getting up close to the SuperTrees.  We timed our visit to the SuperTrees to coincide with its nightly music and lighting performance to the delight of the Run Happies.  We had nice great video captures of song and dance during our short but interesting stay, before proceeding back to Marina Square for the moon cake delights.

There we were welcomed by the anxiously waiting supporters and friends, who started to light the candles in the lanterns and fireworks and sparkles set the place alight with merriment and celebrations - bringing back memories of our childhood days of playing with fireworks and lanterns, enjoying the sweet tasting moon cakes, along with (not tea, but healthy recovery drinks).


 There was quite a din and commotion as all joined in the fun and merry making.  The cool down session was replaced by some nifty dancing and jumping about, with lots of photos and videos being captured.  After the session ended, we proceeded on to more chit-chat and laughter at the food court with some serious 'business propositions' being put forth.  

It was a well spent Friday evening of a different kind - having a healthy workout along a scenic route in the company of a great group of people, topped with celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Be sure to join us for the next Brooks Run Happy (Weekdays) as we embark on a series of fresh and interesting challenges.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Gardens Mist

There was a thickening cloud of haze all morning, followed by heavy rainfall at 5:30pm, threatening to ruin our plans for the inaugural tour to our September Gardens by the Bay route.  Still, none of this could put a dampener on the Brooks Run Happies as they ventured their way down to Marina Square.

All who came were amply rewarded as the rain called for a stop at 7pm, opening up to clearer skies after the wash down, and putting up a cooler feel to the whole atmosphere.  The early rains also caused many visitors to stay away, leaving the run routes much clearer and free to run.

We had a most interesting recce tour of the new Brooks Gardens route, even having time to enjoy the 10min ensemble by the Supertrees and roaming about to savor the crisp cool air.  The 5.5km run was just the warm-up we needed to prepare for the weekend's Bay Run/AHM.  

The makan session post-run was yet another enjoyable affair of chatter over food, glorious, food...all not before making a toast to all of us to have a Run Happy at the AHM.  Why Worry, Run Happy Lah!